Nyan OS (Or: Experiments in minimal linux images)
So, I got bored today, and decided to make a minimal linux image with just an initrd and a kernel. This initrd displays an animated NyanCat. It’s a bit silly, tbh, but I thought it’d be fun, and it was. You can get an iso at This URL I’ve also been playing with iPXE, so I made it so that you can load it using that, using the command chain load http://amanda.darkdna.net/toys/nyan-os/dl/nyan.ipxe ( Not advised unless you trust your internet and randoms on the internet.
Introducing Container Witch
This post is to introduce a random little project I threw together to help make my and my co-admin’s lives easier. This allows you to automatically generate nginx configs for containers running under Docker. You can find out more about it on It’s project page
On Android Wear
It’s been a couple of months with my Samsung Gear Live, and I have to say I’m liking it. I’m a rather big fan of the fact that they tap into the native notification APIs, allowing rich notifications on the device, with the phone-side app not needing to do anything special. This allows any Android app to be immediately compatable with the Android Wear. One of the first things I did was write an Android Wear Interface for my Kerbal Data Output KSP plugin.
Hello World!
Hello world. I’m Amanda. I like to code stuff, and talk to my friends. I’ve been up entirely too late playing with this, but let’s see what happens! I have been meaning to re-do my website for a while now, so let’s find out what this thing can do! I’ll probably not update the blag portion too often, but who knows! Edited 2014-09-22 for spelling & grammar.