Projects 》Kerbal Data Output

Kerbal Data Output is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program that allows you to export various data from the game’s simulation.

Data Exported

This is the data it exports, in no particular order.


This exports information on all the vessels in the simulation.


Information on the active vessel.


Information on the given vessel ID. You can get this ID from either of the two above vessels data export paths, in the JSON output of the “id” field.


Data on all the celestrial bodies in the simulation.


Data on the given celestrial body.


Information on the simulation, such as the game’s warp rate and paused/unpaused state.


Returns the KSP version.

How to get the data

As of now, there’s no pretty graphs or anything, as I’ve been focusing on the JSON api itself. To get data out you just need to go to http://localhost:8080/<path> – where <path> is the given data export above.